Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Day!!!

I opened the door last night to a blanket of snow on the ground! I haven't been checking the weather and no one said anything so it was the best surprise ever! We woke the kids up to show them their "surprise". Ella was super excited and Luca was bummed out that it was just snow haha. I guess we've set the bar pretty high when it comes to surprises for the boy child. However he WAS the first one up and sat at the window so patiently asking every 2 minutes if it was time to go play :) This really is Luca's first snow to actually play in. It snowed pretty big in Texas when he was a baby and we had a little snow last month, but this is his first legit snow day! 
 The city of Seattle only has TWO snow plows and lots and lots of hills so with any snow the city pretty much shuts down. So fun :) Church was cancelled this morning so we've had a lazy Sunday playing in the snow and keeping warm!
 Here is a little flashback from a few snow days past...cutest little snow bunnies on the block!

This is also baby MILO'S first big snow! It snowed a little when he was just a couple weeks old but I didn't dare take him out for pics. I was curious to see how he would like it because I have this memory of Luca baby in the snow at 6 months old...
Luca had the cutest little pout and he pouted about everything! He was my pouty prince :) So I was curious to see how Milo would do and at first he was a little taken back by the cold air...

but then he loved it! 
so bright!
 mom is that you?

 oh hi!

 looks like he's making a snow angel :)

 our street...
 snow family!

 You know who else loved the snow? Pippa :) She's like me though, she took a couple of rounds and had her fun and went straight back inside ;)

 And then there's Luca who not only likes to eat snow, but likes to eat it off the ground like a dog :) He must have eaten a gallon of it too. Boy babies rock!

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