Sunday, February 16, 2014


Here are my Valentine cuties! Both of them were full of it this morning can't you tell?
 Sorry I can't resist all of these pictures of this little cutie pie...

 such a sweetheart <3 p="">

My mom is like the coolest mom ever and starting on February 1st, she treated us all to 14 days of love! Every day a special treat, snack or craft would come in the mail. It was so fun opening up every day to all things lovely and valentine! Thanks to her we've had a super festive February. It's been a tad crazy at our house so I didn't get many pics, but I got a few...

Whack a packs...these are THE coolest things EVER. There is a small package that looks like a valentine. You put it on the floor and hit it and a balloon blows up and pops out! I had a hard time letting the kids do their own haha.
We spent Valentines Day at home together. We had Valentine treats in the morning, Ella's Valentine party at school, more sent to us in the mail, and then an evening of heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys and a movie!
 Somebody's peeking!

We had glow stick valentines this year <3 div="">
On Saturday, we had a sitter for the big kids and Mike and I went on a Valentine date with our little tag along Milo. This was the ONLY picture we got! I was adoring my little sweetie :) We went to a nice late lunch and then stopped around at some of the local shops we've driven by but haven't had time to go to. We hit up some home consignment/antique shops and got some crafty ideas! We were laughing about how "easy" it was to "just have a newborn" out and about for the day. It's by no means easy but it's such a lighter (and quieter) load than we are used to!

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