Friday, February 28, 2014

Growing Babies

Well February has come and gone and was definitely packed with lots of fun! I've spent my days watching all of my babies grow right before my eyes. It looked a little something like this...

Naughty little boy who had pushed the limits on this day crashed out in the rocker lost in sweet peaceful dreams. He's so precious that it makes his shenanigans all ok :)
 Ella Bella had her FIRST sleepover away from home! I kept expecting a call in the middle of the night but never got one! She's so brave :)
 This little chunker has stolen my heart. I smell him, kiss him, squeeze him (gently haha) all. day. long. Just can't get enough of him.
 My hunky hubby turned 31...he really is the greatest. And what does every grown man want for his birthday? Laser tag guns of course :)
 I got E's enrollment papers in the mail for school next year. I just really thought she'd be in kindergarten forever! Just like Milo will be a baby forever right? Nope! FIRST GRADE HERE SHE COMES!!! Wow. I remember teaching first grade when I was pregnant with her and thinking it was so weird that one day the tiny baby in my belly would be a little kid like the ones I spent every day with!
 Milo made his first baby friend...Simon and Milo! Aren't they cute?
 I'm watching this brotherly bond grow day by day and it's just beautiful. Luca is already asking when Milo can "sweep wis him" :-) I just replaced Luca's bedroom furniture this week and bought 2 twin beds for them to share a room! 
 I hope your February was sweet too!

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