Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Fun

Other than Valentine's Day celebrations, we have just been recovering from colds, surviving Milo's colic/reflux, fixing up our laundry room and hanging on for dear life! The past couple of weeks have been hard but I think we are on the upswing. We got to face time with these fine friends! It's always good to see their faces and I love how we pick up right where we left off! We miss them so :-(
We've had some rough nights with this little guy but mama made a special valentine day trip to the doctor's office and he FINALLY got to see what I've been telling him! Reflux. Boo. He's sleeping so much more and is so much more comfortable after just two days on meds. I felt so bad for him. 
I mean, isn't she a natural?!?! Little mama :)
1, 2, 3! 

 Luca waiting patiently outside Ella's room waiting for her to say he could come back in and play. She needed some alone time after playing together all morning :) He just loves her so much. Every now and then he'd yell out, "Ewwa, I wove you!"

Milo's sweet sleepy face :)
Ella got to to a friends dance studio for bring a friend to dance day! We loved it so much we switched!
Mr. Milo hanging out with mommy on a Friday afternoon! Ella was at school and Luca was at the movie theater with daddy so it was just me and my baby dude :)

I love this sweet face. 

The Lego Movie! 

Me and my boys!
Milo will lay just about anywhere if he can look at himself in the mirror. Mike's siblings always made fun of him for checking himself out in the mirror as a teenager when he walked by so I joke that Milo gets it from his Daddy ;)

Ella had a couple of play dates at the house last week. They were so cute running home so excited. 
I knew they were making a haunted house and they wanted to surprise me so I stayed upstairs while they got it together. In the meantime, they prepped the haunted house AND colored themselves like zombies! Imagine my surprise...I was truly freaking out inside but they were so proud! I made a quick trip through the haunted house and quickly hauled the little girls upstairs to scrub it off before their mamas came!!! 
Everyone has been passing the cold around the house. Poor Luca seems to be getting it worse than everyone else. He came to Milo's nursery with this wad and said, "mama I got a booger, is this too much toilet paper?"
Here are some pictures that were sent to us by Luca's friend Oliver! Luca is getting to the age now where he gets invited to birthday parties and "big kid" things like his sister and he gets super excited :)

 Milo's first carousel ride!

 The best part of the party was watching a bunch of 3 year old boys trying to participate in an organized was by far the most competitive game of  hot potato I've ever seen :) There was no sharing or abiding by rules (see Luca getting upset and going to take it out of someone's hand haha). 

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