Friday, February 28, 2014

3 months

My little bippy is 3 months old today! In a way I can't believe it but in another way I really can. This month has been tricky to say the least! I've been cherishing every moment but at the same time holding out for the 3rd month because I know we will have survived that "fourth trimester". Adjusting to life outside the womb is a lot to take in for a wittle baby and when you add in reflux and an immature digestive system, well, we all end up in tears :) He's just the sweetest little guy but he hasn't felt very good this month. 

Milo is super duper attached to mama. Perhaps because I haven't put him down since he's been born? No shame! No regrets. I love spending every moment with him because I know these moments are fleeting. I know nursing has a lot to do with it too. But good news guys! He's starting to take to his Daddy now =D Here's a little bonding play time in Daddy's office!
 We've still been working on the reflux situation and getting the right meds worked out for him. We had a good eating/sleeping routine established and then colic struck. Then we worked it back out again and then reflux struck! Then we got good meds that worked great only to wear off a week later. He won't sleep, it's hard to eat and don't even think about giving him a bottle. We went back to the doc for some new meds and I think we are FINALLY on the mend. Milo has needed a lot of extra comfort. He's been too uncomfortable to sleep peacefully on his own. So napping has looked a little something like this...
 I don't mind the snuggles but I'm so glad he's starting to feel better and we are looking forward to quieter days and sleepier nights :0) and maybe JUST MAYBE sneaking in a bottle or two every now and then so Mommy can sneak away! We'll see.
 Foxy baby on a walk with Mommy and Daddy. The big kids were at school. I love these moments when Mike and I can enjoy our baby together...just the two of us. That doesn't happen as much as it did with the other two! Third child problems :)
 Looking back...
1 month
 2 months...
3 months!
 He's some kind of wonderful.

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