Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 tiny months

Milo! You are 2 months old now. 2 months isn't very long but it feels like you've been a part of us all along! We took you to the doctor today for your well check. You got 3 shots and your feelings were so hurt :-( So today we've spent the day cuddling, nursing and sleeping. You weighed in at 13 lbs 3 oz-90th percentile and 23 1/4"-75th percentile. You are a plump little prince!
This is you recovering after your shots :-( You are the snuggliest baby yet. Physical touch soothes your soul, but the next best thing is being bundled to the max. The more blankies, lovies, passies and things touching/snuggling you the better. 
Your little cheeks are plumping up quite nicely and you are starting to show so much expression on your face. Curiosity, contentment, happiness, worry, sadness...I can see it all now! Adorbs.
I'm also wondering if you might have blue eyes??? Ella wants you to have blue eyes like her :-) I've always loved dark hair and blue rare and absolutely beautiful! Ella wanted a girl with blue eyes. She's totally in love with her baby brother, but blue eyes would be the least he could do for her for being a boy ;)

We are coming out of the screams for days colic stage. And we all survived! By nature you are a very happy and content little baby. One of my favorite things about my mighty Milo is how cuddly you are. You love to be close. Even when you are awake you will just lay your sweet fuzzy head on my shoulder. Physical contact soothes and relaxes since you are happiest and most relaxed being held, I am now a baby wearing mama! I have found myself wearing you in the bjorn many days so I just gladly spent a chunk of change on an ergo so we can both be more comfortable. You're like a baby kangaroo :-)  You aren't unhappy when you are out of my arms, but you are very relaxed when you are so I just find myself wearing you around every where I go. You need that physical contact and I think it's the sweetest.

just look at this face. it has pure sweetness written all over it :)
You got to go to Ella's dance class to watch her mid year performance. You weren't super duper impressed with all of the noisy tapping. Mommy put you in the bjorn like always and you were a happy dude.

This Sunday was your first Super Bowl Sunday! You were super excited...just look at your face! Since you are our little Seattleite...we thought it was so cool that the Seahawks made it to the super bowl and WON this year!!! Ella was a little bummed that we weren't rooting for a Texas team, but I'm confident she'll come around :)
Your big brother is waiting for the day that you can play with him. He just loves to love on you. Look at all of the shenanigans you have to look forward to Milo!...
And your sister made you a baby blanket at school today! They were completing Science unit on fabric and got to make some things and she chose to make you a little blanky :-) so sweet. The other day, Ella told me that some day you were going to grow up to be a pilot and that you would make lots of money to buy her things...she's got big plans for you little man! She loves you so much.
This was one of the first outfits I bought for you when I found out you were a little baby boy!!!
rockin cow pants!
wub a nub in face=passed out
Ella and her friend making volcanos on an after school play date!
Ella has trained Pippa well :) This is one of Ella's doll houses and Pippa seems to think that it's her dog house! Oh to be a girl's dog :) Pippa acts like she hates it, but she walked right into this house like it was her own :-)
Ella also made Pippa a scarf with her fabric project at school! Oh how I'd love it if she grew up to love crafting as much as I do so we could share that :-)

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