Friday, January 3, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

We've spent the first week of the New Year just enjoying each other and friends. On New Year's Eve, we went over to one of Ella's kinder friend's house to celebrate with their family! 
Ella had to squeeze one more thing into 2013. At about 11:00 pm that night, she lost her first tooth!

 My tooth!!!

I've gotta get used to doing the whole diaper bag thing again! It's hard to make sure I have everything Milo needs AND remember to bring it with me when I leave :) So this is what happens when you party with all girl babies on New Years Eve and you pee pee through a diaper and Mommy doesn't have a back up outfit. :-) Even in the pinkest of pink, he still looks like a dude haha.
Daddy, Ella and our pretty little Milo saying goodnight on New Years Eve :)

The tooth fairy came to her that night and left a note with a 2 dollar bill and 2 gold coins! Oh and glittery fairy dust was her hair, on the window seal, in her note...she was a pink and purple fairy!

Tea parties with friends!
Funny side story: This must be the crew that has the secret fairy club at school. Ella came home in tears one day because she had a secret that she couldn't tell us! We ended up breaking her and thank goodness we did. Well, the girls said they were supposed to "call the fairies" that night by going outside at 7:00 and singing the special fairy song but they couldn't tell their parents because it was a secret club. Ella is very loyal so she had a hard time talking to us about it. She was torn! I'm so glad she came to us instead of sneaking outside. We promised her we wouldn't tell her friends and we set her up to go sing her song "in private". So of course we did what any good parent would do and just spied through the window :) and wow...she sang and danced a song full out for about 10 minutes! Fully rehearsed and polished. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how serious the fairy club really was haha. She's such a girl. It was so charming and cute...and soooo funny. We got some good laughs from it. Oh to be a 6 year old little girl! She's full of wonder and spark this girl!!!

making tiny fairy houses...
"Yook Ewa, I got a bwoo hailmet just yike you wif wobots on it!"
Translation: Look Ella I got a blue helmet just like you with robots on it!
Yeah, he's pretty much the cutest. 
For the longest time, we couldn't get Luca to even attempt to take off or put on his own shirt, pants, socks, anything! So when he comes upstairs dressed like this all by himself...I'm totally ok with it! Even if his tie is a baby tie that doesn't reach his belly button and it's 40 degrees outside and he has on short sleeves. So handsome. I like his style :)
Luca and Ella have played a lot together over our break. I think they've really missed each other with Ella being at school every day! Luca got a boo boo...Dr. Ella to the rescue. She's really quite resourceful ;)
On New Years day, Ella and I went out for a girls day! It was a bit of an extravagant day, but I really wanted to treat her. She's been so patient and such a good girl while I've been busy taking care of a newborn little Milo so some special time was in order. Our first stop was Starbucks for "hot chocolate in a grown up coffee cup". :) Cheers to the New Year!

The girl is obsessed with Frozen and even has a whole routine dramatic interpretation made up to the song "Let it Go" from the movie. She wanted to go see it in the theater AGAIN! So that's what we did. My favorite part was her belting out the songs like she was the only one in the movie theater. "LET IT GO! LET IT GO! I'M ONE WITH THE WIND AND SNOW!!!"

(Elsa Shoes!)

After that, she wanted to get her ears pierced! It was so hard for Daddy. He's wanted to get her ears pierced since she was a baby. Um no :) and Ella has been asking (thanks to her Daddy) since she was 2. So I've put them both off for quite some time now, but I figured 6 is a good age if she's still asking. It crushed Mike that she wanted to make a girls day of this. I mean, this is a moment he's waited for for about 6 years now haha. He's such a good girl Dad :)

She didn't even cry! But she was very nervous. Afterwards we shopped for earrings galore and even bought some friendship bracelets for her friends when they return to school from Christmas break!
Today we went back to Bainbridge Island to play with our friends Sofia, Nicholas and Fredrick. I just love the view of the city from the ferry.
And I leave you with Milo. This is his squishy sleepy face. Just a doll. So excited to see what this next year brings with our new little family of five :)
He's really starting to pack some pounds (and cheeks) on!!! I love everything about him.

Seattle, new career as a stay at home mommy and Milo. 2013 was good to us!

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