Sunday, January 19, 2014

Personality for Dayz

Ella and Luca both have large personalities and I don't think Milo will be any different! He is 7 weeks old now and his favorite thing to do is...

The only time he's not happy is when he has a little gas, in which he likes to hang :)
 But he's mostly smiles!

And you know why his hair is so greasy in these pics?
 Because Mama can't keep her hands out of his fuzzy wuzzy little head full of hair.
 No worries though because it poofs right back out after a bath!
 Just like little baby duck feathers :)
 Luca is Milo's biggest fan. He is surprisingly gentle with the babe and is so nurturing. 
Luca is telling him all about it and Milo is just soaking it all in!
 Mama's boys!
 Ella had a program at school on Friday. She sang about Martin Luther King! 
Ella sang her little heart out...
while Luca and his friend proudly watched their big sisters! These two will be in kindergarten together as well!
After the assembly, Luca went to a friends birthday party at the zoo! We had free reign on the carousel and then free passes to the zoo! It was chilly, but we were literally the only people there and it was so nice. Mike bonded with a monkey and read every single sign to learn about the animals and it was at that point that I realized I've never been to the zoo with Mike. :)
 Milo's first trip to the zoo! He was so excited he slept the whole time :)
Mommy and an owl!...

long day at the zoo wore Milo out!
 And on Saturday I literally laid on the couch all day with the baby dude. He just laid on my chest and smiled at me, then he'd nap and repeat. Ella and Luca were worn out from the week as well so they just played with each other in their pjs and rested. Can't think of a better way to spend a chilly winter Saturday!

 Here's my little princess Elsa wanna be letting it all go on the couch :) I can't wait until I can catch her singing to herself rockstar style in the mirror some day. :) Oh you know you've done it! Every little girl does it! Frozen on instagram liked my video so now she's waiting for them to invite her to be on the disney channel. 

 This is what bedtime looks like at the Reading's these days:
Ella dressed to the nines, even for bed...
Luca off somewhere not brushing his teeth or going potty...
and a sleepy mommy with a bright eyed baby ready to party!

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