Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Here's our little bubberloo singing my favorite song in the world <3 p="">

sleeping like a big boy without he swaddle!
 (we've since have developed a bit of colic and have fully embraced our swaddle again) :-)
 5 S's-our nightly routine
swaddle+side+swaying+sucking+swooshing sounds=survival of colic
its a beast. 
but other than that, you are such a happy little guy! 
 we've been practicing naps in the crib. ok, well we've practiced one very short one :)
 You are a lover boy. 
You prefer to be held and are the most relaxed with physical touch. 
Daddy was rocking you on your side. You were fussy and tense and you just melted into a deep sleep when arms and legs dangling once he put his cheek to your face. So very snuggly. 
 and when you can't be held, we have to snuggle you up in a way that makes you feel like you are :-)
You are pure sweetness my love.
Just look at that face...  

Luca was admiring his baby brother the other day. I told Luca, "isn't he so delicious?" He said, "mommy he's a baby! don't eat him!" He's never been more frightened in his life hahaha. 

Oh and I don't know if you've heard, but Milo is a pretty popular thing now...

It's all the rage...
Everybody should have some :-)
wink wink ;-)

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