Saturday, December 7, 2013

puppy love

Pippa loves me...and really only me. She's not mean to anyone, but I'm the one she follows around and loves. I'm the one she has taken to. Every night she cuddles on my belly as I lay on the couch and then once my belly was too big, she was booted to the lap but stayed close to the belly. But apparently she has been bonding with Milo for the last 9 months and seems to have such an awareness about who he is and where he came from! She knew he was in there. I really do think dogs have that 6th sense. He's been a part of me and I really think she knows that. So now since he's been a part of me, she has taken ownership of him too. Now she follows Milo where ever he goes and keeps watch over him. She gets excited and wags her tail when he cries (if he's not being held) to go pick him up.  She sniffs him, tries to get in some kisses when I'm not looking, cuddles him and growls at visitors as she sits beside the baby and "guards" him. It's really pretty cool. We will see if she feels the same when he's old enough to pull her ears and grab her tail :)

Milo is Pippa's baby too!

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