Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Milo's birth story

The big day finally came! We were going to meet our littlest guy! I had made it through the night and had officially survived. Wrong! I was supposed to be admitted and induced at 8:00 am. When we were at the hospital the day before, the nurses said labor and delivery was completely empty and I was number 1 on the induction list and that there shouldn't be a problem unless a bus load of women in labor show up in the middle of the night. She jinxed it. The bus showed up. I was bumped to 11:00...and I cried. I guess the turkey meal sent all the pregger women into labor! 11:00 roles around...and they are still coming. I cried again! Mike and I spent the day together anxiously occupying each other. And finally I got the call...come in at 3:30! We got started at 3:30 with IV fluids and an antibiotic. We were set to begin a pit drip at 8:00 pm. 
 So as they start pumping fluids...I go into labor with those increasing and consistent contractions I had been waiting on! So ironic that I'm admitted to be induced and go into labor before they can start the pitocin haha. I was already 5 cm dilated, 100% effaced and Milo was at 0 station. All I had to do was dilate 5 more centimeters and break my water. They started a light pit drip at 8:00 pm. By 9:00, my water was leaking. Then things changed...FAST. I got up to potty and was going to go for a walk. All of the sudden my body started shaking violently and something was happening! I decided to be checked before I took off down the hallway and sure enough...7 cm and transitioning. My words..."nevermind the walk. Epidural NOW!!!" So it was 10:00 pm and I got my epidural right as I was entering transition. You would think I would have learned by now not to wait that long. It's super hard to hold still to have the epi administered and it's just downright painful. BUT...I didn't want anything to slow this down! So the epidural was in and all was right in the world, right?!? WRONG! It didn't work. Knowing I was at the end and epidurals take time to administer, I panicked. I suffered a very scary panic attack during labor. I don't know if it was the labor pains or the thought of missing out on a chance at my epidural, but I thought I was dying. I was sure in spite of the healthy vitals on the monitor that I was not breathing and that I was seconds from being unconscious and/or certain organs in my body were exploding and I would die from that! I settled down some and the anesthesiologist came back and tried a bunch of things. Didn't work. The only option was to try again. Thankfully there was still a chance. So at 12:00 am, she took it out and did another one. I did better getting through this one because at this point I was in another world. And it worked! For a whopping 10 minutes. All of the sudden I could feel my legs. I couldn't feel the contractions from the outside anymore so it took the edge off, but I had full sensation on the inside. It felt as though my ribs were breaking because Milo was all balled up on my left side. I wasn't sure what it was, but I'd find out later! There was no time to for another epidural. My water had been broken and I felt him coming.  The violent shaking had not let up. Still panicing, I thought maybe I was having an adverse reaction to some meds and THAT would be what I died from haha. Either way, I wasn't convinced I was coming out of this alive! It sounds funny to me now but it certainly wasn't at the time :-) I thought there was no way I could push through that pain. It would be like voluntarily poking toothpicks through my eyeballs.'s almost as though my body was made to do this ;) And nature took over. I pushed for maybe 30 minutes through about 6 contractions and Milo was here! I felt everything and now that the pain is over, I can say it was really really cool to be able to feel myself giving birth to him and to feel him come out. Then I saw him and nothing else in the world mattered. He was born at 1:29 am on an early Saturday morning!

They placed him on my chest. My first thoughts as best as I can remember: I love him, is that Luca?, the hair!, OMG he's a screamer. You know those little lamby cries from newborns? Not mighty Milo. The boy can a girl. Here him roar!
Milo's first breath of life...
beautiful moments...
falling madly in love in a matter of seconds...
and I'll never be the same!
 We did it baby boy!
Luca, is that you? Getting all measured up...


 Milo Jude Reading
1:29 am
8 lbs 9 oz
20 1/4 inches
Head Circumference 100th % =D

Daddy falling head over heals. We were both so exhausted but of course stayed up most of what was left of the night just in awe of YOU! Daddy was so excited for you to get here. Funny birthing story...Mike's excitement combined with his nerves for me while pushing made for one super duper coach. He was so kind and encouraging and was just building me up. He told me over and over how proud he was of me. It takes a lot to get Mike caught up in a vulnerable moment, but this is one I'll never forget. He was exploding with joy and love for me and the fuzzy little head he could see. So as I was pushing, he so wanted Milo to pop out so he would start counting slower and slower to the point I almost passed out because he didn't want the push to be over. My all time favorite comment was, "babe he's almost here! He's right there and if you just push really hard he'll come out!" We all looked at him. The nurses chuckled and I'm not sure what came out of my mouth...but I knew what he meant and even in the midst of pushing a baby out it was really funny and endearing. I kind of fell in love with him all over again during those moments. 

 Our first night together!
And speaking of the panic and asking the nurses if my ribs were breaking...well, mighty Milo did crack a rib and strained a ligament! This was by far the hardest delivery I've had, but the best recovery so far. I would do it all over again a thousand times over for this little guy. 
Welcome to the world Milo Jude Reading!

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