Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry and Bright

Me and my baby love at 40 weeks!
and someone is looking like his mama...
Milo has entered his 2nd week of life! He is now a week and a half old. The Christmas season is so precious and fun...and to add a newborn baby to it all is just so incredible. Magical. We have so much to celebrate this season. 
Betsy and Ballard have stepped it up a notch this year! After I showed Ella and Luca this video, he spent a good 10 minutes checking the ins and outs of the fireplace :)
Ella's Christmas tree!
and Luca's Christmas tree! 

Laying in bed with Mommy and Daddy soaking me all in before it's time to say goodnight.   
 These kisses are for Milo and not to be mistaken for a kissy face selfie ;)
 So amazing that he fit in my belly just a week ago!
 We had Milo's newborn pictures taken at 1 week and 1 day old! This is our sneak peak...I can't wait to see the rest!
 Ella brought this card home from school and it melted my heart! I knew that sweet little girl would come around. She loves me, she loves me not, SHE LOVES ME! 
 This is pretty much what we do for a very large part of the day. Just can't get enough. 
 On Monday night, Daddy took Ella to dance class. I stayed home with the boys. We enjoyed some trains and hot chocolate!

 Milo also has his first cold this week :-( I am so upset about it! He came down with this right when he turned 1 week. Runny stuffy nose, watery goopy eyes and just pure pitifulness. Is that a word? It's just the saddest thing. 
The night before last he was up all night because he couldn't sleep or eat with all the head junk. Last night he rested more peacefully. He's finally starting to gain some more weight back since we fixed his little tongue. Can you see it in the cheeks?!? 
Mimi and Pops will be here tomorrow to come celebrate our newest addition and meet little man Milo! We can't wait.

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