Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lovey Dove-2 Weeks

My little Milo turned 2 weeks on Saturday! We had his 2 week check up and he weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 6 oz :) He has stretched out a little bit and gained half an inch measuring 20.5 inches!

sporting a pair of Ella's baby Christmas nommers...

and one of Luca's gowns :)

He's starting to wake up more and more and become more alert! I love those bright eyes. As much as he looked like Luca when he was born (and still does), he really is starting to resemble Ella the more he fills out!
good morning baby!
the kids are at school and this is all I'm doing today...laying here with the babe and staring at his sweet face. Why? Because I can :)
I caught this in the middle of the night...I'm wondering if he's going to be a thumb sucker like his sissy! It's so hard to break but OH SO CUTE...and easier than crawling around on all fours in the middle of the night trying to find the passie :)

 sleepy boys :)
 snuggle sesh with big bro while sister is at school! If Milo loves Luca half as much as Luca loves Milo, then they will make one awesome team :)
 Every Tuesday and Thursday, Ella AND Luca go to school and I get a couch date for 3 whole uninterrupted hours with my tiny guy! He was awake this morning so we practiced some tummy time on Mommy. Who needs a floor mat when Mommy holds me all day long?

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