Monday, December 9, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

So in case you're worried, we still have Ella and Luca :) We didn't forget them at the hospital! They are here. They have been super occupied on play dates with wonderful friends helping us keep them busy and entertained during Milo's first days at home. 


 Here they are in all their glory :)
just doin what they do...
 Making a gingerbread house!
 Luca is laughing hysterically because the squeeze icing made a potty noise. Boys. 
 Ella's hands were messy and there was icing everywhere in which she commented, "it's a bloody catastrophe!" 
I love this picture. It's a pretty accurate picture of their little personalities! Ella is clearly mortified that she got her hands dirty with icing. And Luca has a look of determination to make as big of a mess as possible :) 

 Ella's side...
 aaaaaand, Luca's side hahaha
And this is the result of eating all the candy that was supposed to go on the gingerbread house!
After making gingerbread houses, we called SANTA!!! It's true. He answers! If you want to call Santa too, his number is 951-262-3062!

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