Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hi Mimi and Pops!

Mimi and Pops came to Seattle to spend some time with us and meet their EIGHTH grandbaby! We were so excited to share our newbie with family and also to have family here in our home. 
 Little baby Milo waiting up late Thursday night to meet his Mimi and Pops!
Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

 Mommy soaking in all the snuggles she can before she has to share him :)

 Mimi and Pops meeting Milo for the first time!
 Hi baby!
 The next morning, Friday morning, we got up and took Mimi and Pops to our Friday morning breakfast date spot...Beths.

 Milo's first trip to Beths! Since Ella is in school now, it has turned into a date with all my boys :)
 Luca and Milo put Pops down for many naps :)
We had lunch at Gorditos...
 1. because we love it.
 2. because we wanted to get Milo's picture on the wall with the baby burrito!

On Saturday, we went to Swansons Nursery to see Santa and enjoy some festive time out of the house. It. was. COLD!!! We saw Santa (coming on another post)...
Visited some of Santa's reindeer...

 Luca enjoyed the Christmas trains...

 while ella enjoyed some Christmas music...

 After that, Mimi, Mommy and Milo rested while Mike, Pops and the big kids went to Carkeek Park!


 That night, we exchanged gifts with Mimi and Pops...

 Milo's first Christmas present!
 On Sunday, Ella, Milo and I took our first ferry ride! We went over to Bainbridge Island for one of Ella's little bestie's birthday parties. This was a first for us. We just happened to be first in line so we got the best view. It was very cool but very bizarre to be sitting in my car on a boat!
 Of course we had to get out for a selfie. It was just a tad windy. 

 This was the view as we rolled back in to Seattle! Again...first in line and sitting in my car with this view from the water. Super cool. 
 On Sunday night we had some cute little carolers from United! It made my night! I love all things Christmas and when I heard the knock and then the singing, my heart melted :)
big sister sneaking in some snuggles :)
We spent the rest of the time snuggling and just enjoying Milo. 

They set sail back to Arkansas today. We are so sad to see them go. We miss our family! We were so happy to have them here though and are looking forward to this summer when we can be together again! Margie had to pay one more visit to Santa at the airport before leaving ;)

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