Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Sunday

This Sunday was Christmas sunday and Milo's first time to go to church! The service was amazing. We got all dressed up in our Christmas outfits and the kids also had a little play. It was the first time I got to match the boys :)  Ella was just beautiful. She's a beautiful little girl inside and out. It was a special day. As a little girl, I LOVED wearing my new Christmas dress to church on Christmas sunday and singing Christmas carols. I got to show Milo off and he was just adored.

 so blessed...

 Nothing beats kids singing. I get teary eyed every time...even if it's not my kids! It was a beautiful program.
 Ella, my little performer, sang loud and proud! When Luca baby gave me this face...
 I knew he wasn't going to be in the performing mood that morning! But he was still so stinkin cute up there...pout and all :)

 Ella Bella letting her little light shine ;)

and doing a little dancing...
 We are finding that Luca gets a little shy during these performances in front of a bunch of people, but he always will sing for us when we get home.
And if this isn't the most precious thing you've ever heard...
happy birthday Jesus!

That night we ventured downtown with a big group of friends. It was Milo's (and my) first BIG outing. He did great! It was so weird having 3 kids to keep up with. I was so focused on Milo that I kept losing track of Ella and Luca. I called roll many times! It was so nice to experience Christmas in the city. We've been so busy having a baby that we've enjoyed festivities in the comfort and warmth of our home...which is nice. But there are so many fun things to do and experience during the holidays around here and it's all new to us! It was nice to get out. We don't have a lot of pictures of all of us because Ella was busy hanging with the big girls and Luca with the big boys! They were so sweet to take our kids along and make them feel just like one of them :) My kids love them so much and just had a blast. But we couldn't get them to take any pictures with us haha.

 Christmas Carousel 

 At the Sheraton, they have the most amazing display of gingerbread houses. Everything on them is edible...I'm talking legit gingerbread houses. They were so intricate and absolutely amazing. Each one had a theme...some pertaining to Seattle and some just on their own. Milo really enjoyed them can you tell?

 The closest we could get to a family picture...and Luca wouldn't get off of David's shoulders :)

 our friends Evan and Becky and their daughter Izze!

 Human snow globe!


 Our days sure are merry and bright...but will be even more so when Nana B and Papa Bo arrive TONIGHT!!! The airline oversold their flight so they got bumped...but there's no seats available to bump them to so they are arriving a day late AND had to fly to New Jersey to get to a plane that had open seats to Seattle! It will all be worth it once they lay their hands on sweet Milo though. We are so ready!

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