Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Cheer

Luca had his Christmas Pageant at school this week! He told us on the way there that he did NOT want to sing Christmas songs, he wanted to sing Thomas (the train) songs! As they were walking in to take the stage, he was eyeing every pew looking for us. We were on the end of the pew right down the aisle he was coming down and when he saw me he stopped and gave me the biggest hug. The took his place and sang every song. He jingled his bells at all the wrong times (on purpose-you know...the quiet times) and it was simply adorable. 
Such. A. Cutie. 

 After the pageant, we went downstairs for the traditional smashing of the gingerbread houses and to enjoy some Christmas cookies! Luca devoured a huge piece of the roof of the gingerbread house!
And this morning we woke up to a surprise snow day!

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