Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bitty Bambino-3 Weeks

Our bitty baby turned 3 weeks today!
 so so snuggly 
 Wittle Milo lost a lot of weight when after he was born and had a tough start gaining it back. But by the look of his chins, I'd say we are doing pretty good now ;)
Milo is a very loud sleeper. Sometimes it's snorting and grunting. Other times when he's really relaxed it is the most adorable little coos I've ever heard! They are the sweetest! 

Catching up on some zzz's after a long night of eating :) honestly I miss him when he sleeps so I really don't mind!

mmmmwah! love these lips. So kissable!

Today Milo had his first bath in the big tub! He loves his bath hammock...compliments of Aunt D! He also loves to have his hair washed. He just rolls his head back and closes his eyes. And those scrawny lil legs are getting a couple of rolls on them! And look at that belly! Looks like a little puppy's belly. Love love love.
In other news, my family had their Christmas get together today. I was laying on the couch with the kids and we got a facetime call! I was so excited and so sad all at the same time! They passed the phone around and all said hi and got a good look at Milo. It kills me not to be there :-( They kept me included throughout the day though...

I love this's just missing 5 of us!

It looks like they all went crazy missing us!
And as usual, the boys lost at Christmas Trivia :)
We are with them in spirit and can't wait to be together again!

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