Friday, December 6, 2013

And then there were 3

All my babies!

introducing...MILO JUDE!!!
Ella's first remarks: I love him. When can I give him a bottle? I want to carry him around. He's so cute! And before meeting him, she asked if he would be bloody and if they would clean him before we took him home so he didn't get our house dirty :) She also asks many many questions about when she was a baby and about everything we do...feeding, changing, taking care of him, sleeping, playing, breathing...everything!
Luca's very first comment was, "oh mama he's so CUTE!" Then later Milo started crying and Luca said he was so scary :) Other comments: can we take him home?, Can he sweep wis me? (sleep with me), he wants to share a room and he says, "is he mines?". So stinkin sweet. 

We have a huge problem. There is only one Milo to go around but 4 people who want to hold him constantly! We all pretty much fight over him all day long. The little guy hasn't been put down since he's been born! There is always someone in line waiting to hold him and timing the person holding at the time to make sure they get the same if not more time! This baby is loved and doted on all day long. I'm really not sure what we are going to do when our family gets here and we have to add people to the rotation!
The following morning after Milo was born, Ella and Luca joined us at the hospital to meet their new baby brother. Luca has been excited all along. Ella has had her reservations about levels of attention to go around and the thought of more BOYS in our house :) As the days drew closer waiting for Milo, she started to ask more questions and express more excitement. But once she laid eyes on him, she was a smitten kitten. I literally witnessed the moment she fell in love with him...
She looked him over head to toe...unwrapped him and looked him over...gave him a kiss...and from that moment forward, he was her baby!

Luca patiently waiting his turn...
he was grinning ear to ear!
This is the look he gives when he's super excited or happy but trying not to show it :)

So proud!
happy little girl :)
The came our second night in the hospital. This one was a little rough! Poor Milo screamed all night. He wouldn't/couldn't nurse. Learning how to breast feed combined with fatigue and a tongue tie was more than this little guy could take! We took him today to free the tongue and all is well again :) He figured out the nursing thing this first week, but it was tiring for him and painful for me. It was an instant fix! Now he's sticking his tongue out and swirling it around like he doesn't know what to do with's pretty cute ;)

All dressed up and ready to go home!

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