Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Waiting for Milo

We've talked so much about you lately Milo! Look at what you have to look forward to!
Luca playing in your room and talking about you! He wants to know when you will come out of my belly button :) He thinks you are stuck ;)

37 Weeks! We went to the doctor today. You are still head down! Mommy successfully gained the "few pounds" the doctor requested and then maybe 1 or 2 more :) You are being born into a family of over achievers! Dr. McLennan is going to check on us next week to see if things are progressing. We may be inducing at 39 weeks depending on how Mommy is feeling and how you are doing. That's only 2 weeks away!!!
 On our last ultrasound last week, you had plenty of fluid and didn't measure too big. But my doctor doesn't thing you'll be "petit" judging by the size of my belly. I'm trying to stay strong to keep you in there as long as you need. So to help, I'm treating myself to a massage today!
 Mommy has done a lot of work growing you and carrying you around, but you are chipping in too. See? You help me eat my cereal in the morning and provide a nice little perch for my tea at night!
 I'm still crafting away thinking of everything I can possible complete before you get here. I plan on devoting ALL of my time to you and your "crew". Ella and Luca will be right there with us. I can't wait for you to meet them! I am super proud of this little project...a fancy new kitchen curtain made from a $5.00 shower curtain from Target!
 I found this sweet little print for your room...
"Let him sleep. For when he wakes, he will move mountains"
Yes, yes you will little boy :)
On Monday mornings, I teach the preschool class for a homeschool coop that meets at our church. Luca and Luca and all his little friends found balls to shove under their shirts this week. I think they were mocking me!

 Milo, our church also threw the sweetest baby shower for you! It was so sweet and thoughtful and you were spoiled!!! So many came to celebrate you and we walked away with some of the most thoughtful, generous and special gifts. There isn't anything else we need for you...so now we are ready for you!

 Opening presents was surprisingly difficult haha. I came with a cute scarf and nice fall outfit because it was windy and very cold outside. Not even mid way in, the scarf had to go, the sleeves were up and the hair was in a ponytail haha. What I really wanted to to do was strip down to my tank top! But I spared everyone. I cannot believe how many wonderful gifts we were blessed with. 
 Your big sister came to the shower with me and was BEAMING with pride to be the big sister. She helped me open your presents and played with all her girl friends. She was wild with excitement!
We are going to the doctor tomorrow to check on you Milo! Mommy is having LOTS of contractions all day and night...just not consistent enough. But we are thinking you can't be too far away from your birthday!

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