Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Well, we have made it to the week of Thanksgiving! We are literally just sitting around waiting for Milo! Ella has been out of school all week. Luca had school and his Thanksgiving Pageant on Tuesday and is off the rest of the week. He was so cute up there! He didn't sing any of the songs at the play but he sure did at the dinner table that night...little turkey :)

our handsome little guy!

After the pageant, we went downstairs to eat a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with all of the Little Feats families!
Before Ella was out this week, we went and took one last breakfast date at Beth's before Milo's arrival. This has become a little Friday tradition of ours...breakfast with the boys :)
I'm eating pineapple among other supposed "labor inducers", drinking things, exercising, relaxing...all the things that are supposed to work! Milo will be here in just two days if he doesn't decide to come before then. I was 5 centimeters at my appointment yesterday. She stripped the membranes as well. Still having contractions...I just need them to pick up the pace. She said I'm basically in active labor and that she's only had one other patient that was dilated more than me waiting for contractions to pick up. Our hospital has a very strict "no induction before 39 weeks" policy since they do not have a NICU. A part of me understands how smart that is. The other part of me thinks this is a joke and kind of cruel! I'm half way to the push point and baby has even descended into the birthing canal. O well, we will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow and then get to welcome little baby Milo no later than Friday!

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