Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Milo's Nursery

My sweet Aunt Kim flew all the way to Seattle and has been with us for the past 5 days! Aside from flying across the country, she ran endless errands with me to pick up baby stuff, pick out furniture, she helped me complete Milo's nursery and crafted away at my neurotic pace sewing a window treatment for the kitchen, pillow for the nursery and made a lamp for the nursery, grocery shopped, cooked and even managed to squeeze in some special time with Ella and Luca by hosting a tea party, an animal parade and some special art time! Auntie of the year if you ask me. I'm very blessed. She's been able to come to my rescue to help me before all three babies! There are always a few touches to be added, but I'm so happy to say that Milo has a room in our house now and it's done thanks to all her help! I'm so happy and my heart is full. 

Now we just need baby Milo!
 Believe it or not, we were so busy prepping for Milo and enjoying each other's company that I didn't get any pictures except for the animal parade!!! It was a super cool parade if I do say so :) On Friday, we did get out and about to take her to the Ballard Locks, Market Street and Old Ballard! No pictures...just good times and memories!

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