Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had so much fun this Halloween. It was a first in Seattle and a first on our street and it. was. awesome. People consider many things when choosing a home to live in. Some of the things I consider are really important things like: how would this house look with Christmas lights? Does this look like a street that would get trick or treaters? Does it have a good window to put a Christmas tree in front of? Do the neighbors look friendly enough to knock on their door at 9:00 at night to ask for bobby pins to pick the lock on the bathroom door that my son locked from the inside before walking out? (I did that this week) :) I'll report back for Christmas, but it's a yes on the friendly neighbors AND a yes on the festive Halloween spirit :)  

 Ella and Luca with their pumpkins...
 Carving our Jack-O-Lantern!

 Dressed and ready to party!
 We live right next door to our church who hosts a trunk or treat every year. It was SO fun! It was decorated to the max and brought many people from the neighborhood to our block. It was so fun for the kids and grown ups too!

 fishing for goodies...
 My favorite was the Christmas trunk. They played Christmas music and served hot chocolate!
this was Luca's favorite car :)
 After trunk or treat we set out on our street to trick or treat and we found one of Ella's friends and classmates that had come to our block to trick or treat! She also has a little brother that is Luca's age so everyone had buddies to trick or treat with...parents included :)
 They were so cute huddled up by the door. I'm pretty sure every house we stopped at had their doorbell rang more than once if Luca had anything to do with it :) He even made his way into a couple of homes...still working on our trick or treat etiquette!
 This fun neighbor a few houses down was playing Casper on a movie screen through his window :D
After a good round of trick or treating, we went back to trunk or treat at the church one more time. However...
If Luca were a turkey for Halloween, you could stick a fork in him and call him DONE. The poor boy was partied out about 30 minutes before we turned in. He poured hot chocolate from trunk or treat into the candy pouch of his costume and it was all down hill from there! I love this picture because 1. it's hilarious. 2. it just tells it like it is. Luca likes to have a good time, but is always the first to ask to go home. He's a home body. Ella is my party girl!!! You can see here she was still ready and raring to go! This girl is never ready to call it quits. As she was coming down from her sugar high in bed, she rehearsed her ABC's over and over and practiced letter sounds for school the next day :) 
We hope you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN as well!

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