Friday, November 1, 2013

35 Week Bumpdate

Well here we go again! It's all happening soon and very soon. I had a check-up last week and I was not surprised to hear that Milo has made a huge growth spurt. In the past two weeks I've grown so much and I can feel him everywhere. Gone are the days of bending over without special maneuvers, rolling over/getting up without grunting, sneezing without peeing or sitting upright on the couch. If bending at the waist is necessary, it absolutely must be larger than a 90 degree angle. I just don't bend that way anymore! I'm actually starting to feel very similar to when I had my big bad Luca baby at 9.5 I was not surprised when the belly measured 39 weeks, which is 4 weeks ahead, at my Dr. appointment this week. I've been right on track all along and then BAM :-)

I also found myself hooked up to the trusty ole NST machine again to make sure baby is not stressed. He checked out just fine this week. Basically, there is a reason for the large belly and it's either too much baby, too much amniotic fluid or both. Either of these things can cause stress in the womb so they will monitor him for that. He has slowed down so much. One part of me says, "duh" b/c there isn't really anywhere to go in there! The other part knows that Ella and Luca were both induced because they ran out of room and started to show signs of stress. I really really really don't want to be induced again. Like really. I'm hoping and praying Milo can stay strong and we don't have to go the pitocin route! On Tuesday I will got back to the doctor. Dr. McLennan has ordered an ultrasound. In addition to size and fluid, we also aren't sure that Milo is head down. Now is about the time that he should be turned, especially if he's big. I know I say I don't want to be induced, but I'm serious when I say I DO NOT want to have a c-section. Just the thought of that makes my throat feel like it's swelling shut. I'm not a major claustrophobe, but the thought of being flat on my back with this big ole belly and strapped to a table, numb, with a blanket over my face and cut open just sends my anxious mind over the edge. I've delivered naturally twice. I know I can do that. I would like to go with what I know! Just a glorious epidural and a few good pushes...that's about as fancy as my "birth plan" gets :-)
This picture is blurry, but I just love the belly. I'm carrying Milo very low...very very low. And legs spread far apart to walk waddle :-) Milo is all out front like a torpedo! Pippa is the only one that still fits in my lap :-( I miss being able to cuddle my Ella and Luca closely. And I'll be honest, I've loved being pregnant with Milo...but I'm ready to hold this sweet boy in my arms! And maybe even let someone else hold him too! I have a few projects left that I'm sure will get done. I've been crafting, cleaning, sewing and planning like a crazy lady! Weight gain is 17 lbs and my doctor is requesting I gain 8 more. I'm sure that won't be a problem :) I gained waaaaaay more with Ella and Luca, but I also started smaller. Cravings: honey crisp apples, ice, coke and candy bars still :) Symptoms: crazy lady nesting, some heart burn but the lower he gets the better I feel, contractions, rib pain, little bit of swelling and a touch of nausea has returned in the mornings. All for now! Time to start thinking of packing bags and making final preparations! 

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