Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend with Nana B

Here are se more pictures of the weekend that Nana B was here with us! 
Luca passed out in her arms...literally.  It must have been the crash from all the excitement and anticipation of her arrival!

Nana and her babes!
Ella's new lalaloopsy house! It took her dedicated Daddy about 3 hours to put together :)
After Nana left, everyone got sick again with another round of sinus infections and a recurring ear infection for Ella. I guess we partie too hard! I always know this little guy is sick when 1. He sits still for any period of time and 2. He gets bright red circles on each cheek :-(
Nana B got to watch Ella play soccer too! She scored many goals for her Nana and always looked back so proud to make sure she was watching :-)
And here is a soccer birthday celebration!

Red Robin was Ella's birthday dinner choice. She tried so hard not to act impressed or smile to big, but by the end of the song she let it go and I loved how excited and joyful she was!!! Too cute :)

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