Monday, October 14, 2013

Rainbow Sparkle Shine

Ella Avery turned SIX...rainbow style!!!
 I can't believe the little lady my baby girl is growing into! Her favorite color is "rainbow" and when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted this year, her response was, "rainbow sparkle shine" :-) She has even named a few stuffed animals, babies and barbies rainbow sparkle's a good name! And just like a rainbow, this girl is all things bright, lovely and magical. This party was perfect for her :-)
Ella is a dreamer and she thinks big. I love that about her. She sees the beauty in everything. I love her innocence. I love her spirit and her spunk and her zest for life! I just love her :)
So what better place to have a rainbow party than an art studio? Not one! We had her party at Paint the Town. She loves to create and has even started requesting that I fix her hair in a side bun like an artist :) It was right up her ally. The BEST part of her birthday party is that Nana B was able to get all the way over here to join us! I asked Ella her favorite part of her party, and she said Nana B. It made her day.
And here is the birthday girl with another specially designed birthday hat by our very own Aunt Kim! 
I'm pretty proud of myself for these rainbow jar cakes! Anyone who really knows me knows that I have a knack for many things...but cooking is NOT one! However these were just too cool to pass up so I gave it a shot and they were a hit. They tasted good too! 

Rainbow sodas!
Ella's rainbow paint palette...
Ella has made so many little friends here in our short 6 months. God has blessed her with many little ones to play and grow with. She had to leave so many good friends so that makes this mama's heart so happy. 
Learning to paint!

Ella got to choose whatever she wanted and she chose a little bird. The party guests got to choose between a dinosaur, and owl or a plaque!
Let the painting begin!
Daddy helping Luca paint!
It was so funny to see Luca actually sit and focus so hard on something!
Ella and her new bestie Sofia!!!
Cutie kinder girls :)

Happy birthday dear Ella, happy birthday to YOU!
Before I lit her candles she asked me if they are going to spark like the other one haha (see previous birthday post regarding the coolest most terrifying sparkler candle). See her backing away? Clearly I haven't earned her trust back yet ;)
Make a wish!
Playing with all her cute little girlfriends from school. The giggles and smiles were priceless. 

Ella's party quickly turned into a jr high dance with the girls on one end of the room and the boys on the other haha. 

Hot air balloons!!!
Ok ok I know...rainbow jar cakes, hot air balloon party favors, maybe I got a little carried away. There is just so many fun things to do with rainbows!!! And I love throwing parties :)
Hot air balloon baskets stuffed with: rainbow candy strips, crayons, printed mini tapes, a paint brush, erasers, bubbles, glitter glue and skittles to taste the rainbow! All things necessary for a rainbow art party! 
Thank you for making my birthday so special and bright...

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