Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hocus Pocus

We've had a suuuuuper busy week with all of the fall festivities. We had Ella's pumpkin patch field trip, Whittier Elementary's Fall Festival and today is Halloween! Luca has a bad bad cough and is a little under the weather again so he will miss his Halloween costume party at school today :-( But tonight, it's trick-or-treat or bust!

This past week we also celebrated the end of fall soccer season. Ella is not sure she wants to play in the spring! She thinks she might like to try gymnastics instead. After the last game, we went to Razzi's on Greenwood Ave to have a party! This was also the Greenwood/Phinney trick or treat day where your little ones can hit up all of the businesses for treats. It was so fun to watch all the families walk by all dressed up through the window of our party room. I've got this on the calendar to do for next year!
Anxiously awaiting her trophy...
I didn't get the whole video of her award, but I love hearing her little friends chant "Ella" in the background :-)
This is Ella at dance class. They all got to wear their costumes to class this week and they danced to Thriller, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters! Ya'll it was the cutest.
We've also had more birthday parties and friends to celebrate! Last Sunday we went to one at the Seattle Children's Museum...super fun place and great times with friends. 

This guy has spent a lot of time inside and home from school this week trying to shake this terrible cough! He came down with this less than 3 days after finishing an antibiotic so I'm trying to ride it out to avoid spending $35 dollars at the doctor to be told that it's a virus and to ride it out! I'm loving the quality time with him though :) On this particular morning, Daddy was on a morning walk. We were walking to moms group after dropping Ella off at school and we ran into him!
Isn't he so creative?!?! hehe. Someone told me not too long ago that the reason behind all of Luca's devious "adventures" is because he's so intelligent and curious. I think they were on to something ;) I'm going to save this one for his portfolio for the gifted program...
Love finding kiddie pics on my phone :)
And last but not least, we've made it through week one without Lola. We made a really hard decision to "rehome" her. Lola was the best dog ever. She was so smart, so good and we absolutely loved her. It simply wasn't good timing and with Milo's due date quickly approaching, we were realizing the weight of puppyhood and babyhood happening together. We could have made it happen, but sometimes the best decisions aren't always the easiest and we decided to take one thing off our plate. It will be better for everyone...especially her! I wish we could have her just a few years down the road :-( Luca was her buddy, but Ella has been the most upset. She has calmed down about it, but Luca still goes to get her out of her crate in the morning every now and then. Pippa, well...lets face it. She was born to be an "only dog child". 
We were diligent in making sure she found an even better home! She has gone to live on an apple orchard with a big fenced in backyard and TWIN BOYS!!! They are a very active family and have many many outdoor activities. This dog is loved. So every time I get sad or feel guilty, I just look at this picture and know how happy she is. 
We are topping off the end of this week with play dates with besties! I love it when brother sister duos work out so everyone has a buddy :) But it doesn't stop these boys from pestering the girls of course. 

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