Friday, October 11, 2013

Ella turns SIX!

Daddy is home from NYC and boy are we happy! We all missed him. And this pretty girl Lola...she was an absolute terror while he was gone. Forget being very pregnant with two kids to take care of. It was the DOG that did me in!!! 
 This was one of our morning walks to school this week. I just can't get over the shades and brightness of colors on the trees on this side of the country. It's what you see in digitally enhanced movies! I love these walks in the morning with kids running to school, playing on the playground, parents outside talking, school buses driving through the streets, crisp air,'s good for my soul :) And it totally makes the .25 mile waddle down the street worth it ;)
 just behind our house...


 Our baby Ella Avery turned SIX this week! We had a little celebration at home to hold her over until her birthday this weekend! Of course we woke up to a special birthday breakfast!

She woke up super early and so excited. She asked me if she looked different, if she was taller and if her hair was longer :) Your 6 year old goals are: to learn how to ride your bike without training wheels and to pierce your ears. You've asked for a long time to have them pierced, but now that I will let you, you are a little hesitant! 
 I packed her a special surprise lunch...
 and then when she got home from school she finally got to open her presents from us, Luca and family that had mailed them to us!

 Luca got her a mooshka doll  :) They both love the commercial so they were both very excited! Luca wants one now haha.
 She wanted to eat at Red Robin for her birthday so they could sing to her. She was so excited was absolutely precious. 

 I bought this sparkler candle in the shape of a 6. I was SO excited about the "grand birthday finale"that it didn't even cross my mind that she is terrified of anything resembling a firework, including sparklers. Oops! 
Happy birthday dear Ella, happy birthday to YOU!!!
 In other 6 year old news, Ella has her first loose tooth!!!
Ella, now matter how old you get, I will always look at this sweet face and see my tiny baby girl. You are more precious than diamonds, rubies, silver and gold. Your sweet spunky heart is a gift to the world and an inspiration to your mama. I love learning about the little lady you are becoming and I realize more and more every day how blessed I am to call you mine. 
and I leave you with my sleeping 3 year old monster :-)

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