Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Reading Report

 Things are good at the Reading house! It is officially fall and we are realizing how much we've missed it for the past 6 years! I love wearing sweaters and not sweating. I love the beautiful trees and cool temps and crisp air. It's my happy place. There has been a lot happening around here and it's the beginning of a very exciting season with the holiday's and my due date approaching. First we've had to knock out some of the seasonal illnesses. Ella has had a cold and ear infection, Luca has had a cold and I have had the flu, a sinus infection AND bronchitis. Yuck. Oh to have Mike's immune system! He's remained healthy and has taken good care of all of us. 
 These are just some selfies I found on my phone one day of a daddy/daughter beauty shop session. They are so cute together :)
 I think we've finally got our "routine" down and have settled into the school year. They both are loving school. Ella has made a lot of little friends!  And she FINALLY earned her "certipiclate" (certificate) for good behavior! This girl has been working so hard since the first day of school to get one of those things and she finally earned one. She was so happy. She was getting down on herself because she "kept being good but didn't get a certipiclate!" I assured her that she would eventually earn one and told her that making good choices was the right thing to do and we should do it because it's the right thing-not just for rewards. So what did I do when she finally got to bring the along awaited certificate home? We went and bought a new barbie. The exact opposite of what I would tell any parent to do as a teacher. Sorry not sorry :) The girl worked for a whole month!
Luca is Mr. independent and loves school as well. Ella still wants to be walked in and Luca won't let me through the doors because he wants to walk in all by himself "just like Ella" :) He wants to go every day and asks about homework haha. His only complaint...apparently there are no trains on the train table??? Every day I ask him about school, that is included. And when other people talk about school he wants to know if there are trains for the train table. Mike made some joke about college someday and Luca asked if there would be trains on the table at college :) He talked for the whole first month of school about a mouse and I wasn't sure what it was all about until he brought this little book home. Cutest. Thing. Ever. 
Part 1
Part 2

 We are 30 weeks along now. We just booked a maternity/family photo session. And this morning during church (confession) all of my thoughts and ideas came together for the nursery and I now have a direction! I've been frustrated with it the whole time...but the skies parted and a vision came to me so maybe just maybe I'll pull it together before he's here :)

 This little guy is still causing all sorts of trouble. His latest "adventures": cracking a dozen eggs in my refrigerator and flushing an apple down the toilet. Here he is watering the flower he put in his pocket. This morning after church Milo and I chased him all the way to our house. That was a sight to see. I'm trying to get close enough to make sure to stop a car in the parking lot that may not see him and to keep him from running in the road-but he's like a dog. The more I chase him, the faster he runs and the farther he goes. The bulk of my day is spend keeping him alive. No lie. 

 Ella had her first friend over the other day! These girls have just clicked and become instant besties. They play soccer together and are in the same class. It has made the transition to school so much easier for both of us! I felt so good knowing Ella had a friend in class on her first day after a summer of worries. 
 I went downstairs to check on them and offer some snacks and found this sign :) It has begun!
 Luca FINALLY had his 3 year wellness check! Mike has Fridays off so now that Ella is in school, Luca gets special Mommy and Daddy time. I love that because we've never had that together!  Friday we took him for his well check and he did great. 
 He loved getting to be big. He's a whopping 38 inches tall and 32 pounds. 50th percentile. 
 He told the doctor about all of his endeavors lately and the doctor said he sounded like a perfectly healthy vivacious 3 year old boy. And we agree!

Ella and Sofia at soccer. In Texas, the soccer games were cancelled for the rain. In Seattle, we play in the rain or we don't play!
 All for now folks!
 We've decorated for Halloween, I'm trying to finish up some little home projects and the nursery and I'm planning ahead for the holidays since I will be slightly busy with a new one. I love having festive kids. We've pulled out all the halloween movies and they are watching one as we speak! Hopefully soon I'll have a nursery to report on :)

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