Friday, September 13, 2013

My Doyanna!!!

My BFFAE came to visit me in Seattle! My mom came to move us in-but we just worked the whole time so this girl was my first real visitor! Playing chauffeur for the first time was...interesting. :) I'm not much of a pro around here just quite yet and this was my first time venturing out without Mike-but who better to cause a little trouble and cause some shenanigans with?!?! 
 We started out our first day at the space needle. 
 We played around at the top and then went into the cafe to enjoy the view and chat over chai :) We caught up on life and celebrated 18 years of friendship. Time, distance, kids, age, jobs and/or LIFE itself hasn't been able to take away our special bond :)

 Day 2 didn't go quite as planned. Somehow I forgot to put gas in my car? Aaaaand it didn't go capouie until I was on my way to pick up Luca from school. Last time this happened was with this girl...ON MY WEDDING DAY. My mom's comment was about right..."some things never change!" Anyway, between our "adventures" and such...we got tired. We explored my neighborhood and I took her to old Ballard and we shopped around. 
 On day 3, we conquered public transportation and ventured downtown. Another first for me! We figured out bus stops and routes and made it to the public market, dined and maneuvered the shops downtown somehow with the bus and trolleys and made it home. It surprisingly went much smoother than driving around the day before in my neighborhood. 
(I want one of these umbrellas)
 Do we look like we know what we are doing? 

 On her last night we took her to a yummy seafood dinner down at Salmon Bay fisherman's terminal. 

 Diana and her wittle flower girl!!!

 On another note...pretty pretty pippa had to be shaved :-( Lola likes to chew on her like a toy and the hair was out of control and beyond repair. She's so tiny!
 Our lady Lola...lookin alllll innocent and cute. 

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