Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

This year we mixed in a little work with our play on Labor Day weekend. Starting Friday, we painted and revamped our teeny tiny bathroom. It looks and feels so much better. Not even gonna post the before pics :) Even though it is the smallest room in our house, it has been the hardest and most time consuming to fix up! Upstairs is done and now I'm hoping to get to the kids rooms downstairs before the bebe comes!

 Then on Friday evening we went to have some fun with the Wilsons! The kids swam and we just enjoyed the beautiful weather and grilled out. It's so nice to actually be able to stay outside and enjoy comfortable weather!

 Saturday morning I was served breakfast in bed by my two favorite guys! And it's not even Mother's Day! I got my haircut for the first time in 8 changing. I just couldn't handle the belly and the mop so something had to go. Sorry no selfies of the hair do. :)
 my boys taking care of mama...
 On Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to for our twin friends. It was such a fun party!

When we got home, Luca literally passed out on the floor. One minute he was crying...and then silence. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. He slept here for almost 2 hours and then woke a little...
only to fall back asleep here...mid snack consumption! We tried to wake him at 7:30 thinking we would never get him to sleep that night and he would NOT wake up! We put him back to bed and he slept through the night. He fell and hit his head 2 days before on Ella's playground and I started to worry that he was having delayed concussion symptoms-scary. Of course I googled it and as it turns out-that is a real thing! And it happens in kids more often. He seems fine now. Who knows...maybe he had finally wore himself out from all the shenanigans he's been pulling at home. 
We spent the rest of the weekend resting and getting ready for the first day of school. We took care of some chores and errands, bought our teachers a little first day gift and settled in for the last few days of summer :)

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