Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School 2013

First I just have to say it is so fun getting to be on this side of things. Just the mama. It's weird not being the teacher on the first day of school but I am so excited and feel so blessed that I get to be on the mom side 100%! It's going to be a fun year. 
Nana B sent the kids some little back to school treats in the mail. So much fun and best Nana EVER! The kids love mail and this got them super excited about the upcoming school year :)
 Who has two thumbs up and is ready to rock preschool? 
 First we had Luca's meet the teacher. This is his first year in pre-school. His teacher is Miss Laura. 
He seemed so teeny tiny there. It broke my heart a little! I just still see so much baby in him and it's hard to let go and know he'll be ok! He has no clue what it means to go to school and I know he doesn't realize we are going to leave him. When Ella first went to pre-school at 3, she knew exactly where she was going, what she was doing and what it was all about. He will have fun-this I'm sure of. 
This year, Luca said he wants to be a ghost when he grows up :) and Ella wants to be a singer! Her latest (and frequent) comment to me is, "mom, I was born to be a singer!" You go girl!
This was Ella last year. She wanted to be a singing mommy :)
 Next we had Ella's meet the teacher, Miss Harrington, and kindergarten tea! She was so excited. She ran this far ahead of me the whole way to school. She has a little friend she made on her soccer team that we found out was also going to kindergarten and Whittier. And THEN...we found out they got in the same class! It just keeps getting better! She really needed that and it has calmed her fears so so so much. She's worried about being new to Seattle and not knowing people. She keeps saying, "but I know Sofia!"
 Of course we came armed with beginning of the year teacher gift! 
Those teachers work hard-this I know! 
 Ella and Sofia on their classroom scavenger hunt...
 Her classroom is very organized... and super cute too :) My kind of teacher!

 getting settled in with our school supplies and feeling GREAT! 
She told me she wasn't nervous anymore :) She told me all day that she loved me and was so thankful that I have been "keeping watch over her this summer" hahaha. I could tell her mind was processing and thinking through some things. I thought we had conquered the fears making a couple of new friends and meeting her teacher, and then that night, twas the night before kindergarten...
We were getting all tucked into bed and she starts to worry again. She's boo-hooing and whaling because she's worried. She says a bunch of things like, "I won't have as much time to play with Luca," and "what if they ask me what the letter G is?!?! I DON'T KNOW THE LETTER G!!!!" Then we got down to the bottom of it and she was sad and worried because, "it is the first time I will be away from you since we moved to Seattle." This is true my love. The changes from the move have really settled in with her and he is just now working through them. I KNOW kindergarten will help her through this...we've just got to get her there. She was up until about 10 and FINALLY fell asleep! We woke up, prayed, I read the kids all of their text messages from family wishing them a happy first day. We got all ready to go and set sail for the first day of school.
Hand in hand. 
First day of Kindergarten!
Ella and Miss Harrington!
All smiles. At the same table as Sofia (not sure how long that will last) ;) and happy. We made it! 
And would you look at how organized that crayon box is? An organized worrier...just like her mama. :/
After we dropped Ella off, it was Luca Bo's turn! Luca hasn't really understood that he's going to school. Ella's been the one really processing through excitement and worry so we've been focusing on getting her though that. Once we got Ella settled, it hit me that I was sending my BABY to school for the first time EVER!!! 
Here's our little stud muffin with his teacher gift. 
 First day of pre-school 3's! Super Luca!
 We were a little late dropping him off since the parents got to stay at Whittier for a while. I definitely wasn't going to be the first one to leave and I may or may not have been the last :) So when we got to Luca's school, story time had started...only 10 minutes late!!! We hung up his little backpack, washed his hands, gave him a kiss and had to send him in the room by himself! He was so confused! He walked in with his little teacher gift in tow and had to go sit at the carpet for the story. He didn't cry and only looked back at us a couple of times. I of course sat with my face plastered to the tiny sliver of a window on the door watching to make sure he was ok. He just sat there and listened to the story holding on to the little bag. All I saw was his little baby face...a little confused...listening to the story. I wanted so badly to walk in there with him and then felt guilty about being late. He's fine, but I was not. I went home an absolute mess and have been worried all morning. Ella was the one I fretted about the most. We made lots of preparations and she rocked it. Luca was the one I ended up crying about all morning. I had a cute little first day outfit all picked out...but he wanted to wear his new shoes so new shoes and different outfit it was! He's so excited about his train backpack too...
I'm blogging this now as I sit and count the minutes to go pick them up! Don't get me wrong-I'm ready to enjoy some quiet moments while the kids are learning away...but maybe not the first day. It's a big first day for both kids...and mama too.

So fast forward a little bit and we went to pick her up. If it was physically possible, I probably would have ran the whole way there :) We waited inside for her and this sweet girl came running out of line on their way out once she saw us with a BIG smile on her face! She knows now that everything is going to be ok and she had a great first day of kindergarten. She said she started to cry when we left but then stopped herself. She had wonderful things to say about her teacher, kids she met and her day. God is good. We did it. Happy day!
 When we went to pick up Luca I resumed my spy session through the window. He was sitting at the carpet. So big. 
 He saw us right before they dismissed as they were opening the doors and he came barreling out and into my arms! He was happy. His teacher said he did great. No tears and just came in like he's been there before. 

Luca and Miss Laura...or Miss Rorie according to him :)
 And we're off for first day treats! Larsens Bakery...the kids choice. 

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