Sunday, September 22, 2013

29 Week Bumpdate

My little man Milo is baking away and will be here to join us in just 11 short weeks! My tiny tenant is getting bigger by the day, although I can definitely tell he's not as big as Luca was. I love feeling him grow.  He has been so active lately and let me tell you he is STRONG!

New symptoms this month: HeArTbUrN. Burn baby burn. Burns bad :-( Bending over and eating full meals in one sitting are a thing of the past. No room! Also, something totally new to me for any pregnancy is sore spots on my tummy. I have three spots that hurt terribly if I touch them and definitely if when Milo kicks them! Dr. McClennan said I have a thin abdominal wall from multiple pregnancies and mostly from Luca's size on my frame so I can feel more b/c there isn't as much of a barrier between me and him. I'm happy to report the grumps have subsided a bit and I'm just left with a few mood swings here and there.

My nesting urges have kicked in and our cozy home has turned into "Hotel Reading" as Mike calls it. I prefer to maintain a 5 star rating as well ;) Everything has a place and everything in it's place! Not so much of a home that a family lives in but more like a model home of sorts haha. Mike is gracious and the kids are annoyed. I'm going crazy cleaning, organizing, crafting, decorating, sewing...projects galore! everytime I clean my house I redecorate and as tired as I am these days, it actuallt fuels me to finish all of my little home improvement projects. I just wish I could filter some of this energy and focus to cooking! I'm hoping to gather some more things I need for baby and for the nursery soon so I can quit mopping his floor and dusting his furniture over and over and start working on other things :)

Last doctor check up went well. We are right on track! I've gained 10 lbs total from my starting weight. I passed the lovely glucose test and praised God that day that I would never have to drink that stuff ever again. Luca however helped himself to my first bottle and loved it! My doctor sent me home with my drink so I would have it for my next appointment and little Luca Bo snuck in the fridge, popped the seal and had himself a little treat! The sweet boy still can't figure out how to take is own clothes off, but can pop the seal on a medical drink and go to town. It's neon orange sugar in liquid form! What's not to love?

I'm getting so excited to meet this baby and fall in love. I lay in bed at night and just wonder who he is and what he'll be like. As the 30 week mark approaches, I'm really starting to realize and accept that THIS IS HAPPENING! We are having a baby. My heart is happy and I have so much peace. I'm ready to complete my little family.

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