Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of Summer & 6 Months

Most people are talking about the end of summer blues. Me? I say bring it. I'm ready for fall and the changes it will bring! Fall approaching means many things for us with one of the big things being...KINDERGARTEN!!! I'm ready for school. Dare I say I'm ready for a little peace, quiet and structure around the house?!?! I get a little very sad and weepy when I really think about how fast time has flown from us bringing a little baby Ella home to sending her off to kindergarten. But it's not sending her to kindergarten that makes me sad. It's just how I'm realizing how fast the years go by and these moments are precious...and fleeting! So maybe reminiscent, reflective and nostalgic are the emotions I feel when I think about this milestone. I also am really excited for this milestone because it's a fun time and she is so ready and excited. The fact is, she's not a baby any more and she is ready for this. She needs this! She was ready last year in my opinion. So we are awaiting September 4th with bittersweet excitement, anticipation and joy. This mama is so proud and a little sad all at the same time :)
We have been getting ready for our first day by doing some back to school shopping! We've picked out a first day outfit, shoes and our first round of school supplies. I did my best to let Ella pick out what she wanted :) The teacher in my was going a little crazy on some things though haha. I've actually been all over the country trying to collect all the things they ask for here on their supply list...like emergency kits and a mylar blanket? To me it sounds a little bizarre , but I guess you have to think about earth quakes here. Neither are good, but if I have to choose, I'll take the quakes over the tornadoes. Any day! 
These last few weeks at home have been...interesting. As we approach the beginning of the school year, we are kind of hanging on for dear life. We haven't had a routine since March people! We dropped everything-jobs, church, schools, soccer, dance, friends, routines, everything that made our lives "normal"- and moved across the country where we had no routine and everything was new and different. New jobs. New roles. Literally starting all over in a new place that wasn't the least bit familiar. Me as a stay at home mom. There wasn't much that resembled our old life. I way underestimated what the adjustment period would bring emotionally and mentally for us and for the kids. And might I add, being pregnant, I'm not getting to play with a full deck of cards here! We came at the end of the school year so there wasn't much to put the kids into and through the summer, everything slows down and breaks happen. That's a good thing! It was really good for us for the first few months and we needed it. We needed free days and no schedule to make our home, get settled here in Seattle as a family and get acquainted with the city. But now we are ready to get living. We are ready to introduce all of our familiar things to our new place: schools, soccer, dance, friends, functions, moms group, football, holidays, etc. It will help to build our new life here and bring a sense of home and normalcy. Anyone who has been on vacation in a foreign land for 5 months straight would be ready to go home, you know? The days are a free for all. It was nice for a while but the parks aren't cutting it anymore and our "fun fund" is depleted. The kids are going crazy! We are here. We are settled. We are ready to make a life. I am welcoming fall with open arms! Here is how we've spent our last few days of summer...

days out on the town
Our little fashionista wanted some glasses like her daddy. She is so funny lately. She is really coming in to her own and has all sorts of opinions and ideas. She's so cool :) Her latest saying, "Mom, I was born to sing!" She's such a girl and I love it. Just the other day we were driving and I guess she was having nightmares thinking back to our Arkansas trip and being stuck in the airport for 16 hours. She said, "Mom and Dad, I was born to be a singer and to sing and SOMEHOW I end up waiting around in airports all day." Next thing I know she'll be asking for an air club membership (or whatever it's called) and first class. Or knowing Ella, probably her own plane!
We took Luca to see Planes. He wanted to wear a headband like his sissy :) Baby boy still can't hardly make it through a whole movie.
playing at home in pjs...
Again, Luca wanted a pony tail because "mommy and Ella have pony tails so why mama why?" How do I argue with that?!?
Ella playing at Daddy's office because she is tired of being at home!
Here she is hosting her first bible study. Attendees: California Raisins, Ernie, a lamb and moster :)
play dates at the beach...
sunsets at the park...

Speaking of welcoming fall and the changes it will bring, I'm ready for cool weather! I'm getting bigger and swelling a little more every day. I am MORE than thrilled to have a winter baby because I've always suffered through the ungodly Texas heat during my 3rd trimesters. I'm ready to say hello to my 3rd trimester next week and to meet Milo in just 14 short weeks. 
This is Milo and Mommy at 25 weeks! It's been a relatively easy pregnancy so far and I haven't been able to complain. But 6 month mark has brought on some challenges for me. The past couple weeks have been very different and the tables have turned. Swelling, contractions, crankiness, cramps, back pain, rib pain, breathing (or lack there of) and absolutely NO energy. My sweet husband lets me sleep a lot. I'm so lucky to not be working through this. There are no words to describe my mood lately. I scare myself at times! I feel bad for Ella, Luca, Mike and the dogs. Mike says to give myself a break-I'm growing a human. I get that and he does too. Grace and more grace. Need lots and lots of grace...for myself and from others! I just hope my kids forget someday. I just haven't felt good at all. Back aches and growing pains have been the hardest this time around. Everything is so stretched by this point that there isn't a lot of support for the belly. I'm having all sorts of contractions so I have to take it easy. As for cravings...unfortunately, sugar :/ Can't. Get. Enough. Milo is a sugar baby! He's enjoyed an all you can eat buffet of fruit roll ups, chocolate, capri suns, cake and ice cream. Maybe my mood swings would subside if I went to a birthday party haha. Weight gain: +7 lbs from my starting weight. 11 lbs if you count gaining back what I lost at the beginning. Each baby belly has been very different. Ella's belly was this tight perfect little round thing right out front like a basketball. Luca's belly was all consuming. Just huge! Milo's belly is like a torpedo going straight out front. I can already eat a bowl of cereal of this belly! All complaining and hardships aside, I love him being in there. I can feel him growing bigger every day. He's not a wild mover and shaker, but his kicks are strong. He is more of a stretcher. I love him so much already!

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