Friday, August 2, 2013

Captain Luca's Pirate Party!

While we were home in Arkansas, we celebrated Luca Baby's THIRD birthday! This year we had a Pirate P'arrrty :) and it was so much fun. I had a blast planning with the theme! Although we missed our Daddy dearly, we also loved celebrating our little man with the whole family! He has been so excited about his birthday this year. I have lots of pics to share!

Cake table...

shark bait, choco matey and pixi swoards...

The menu: Pirates Gold, Jello Boats, Salty Sea Water, Pirate Cookies, Pirate Jewels, Pretzel Planks, Yo Ho Ho Marshmallows, Pirates Booty, Cannon Balls, Polly's Crackers and Ahoy Crunch.

Pirate Pool and Plank!

Calling all Pirates!
We also had a Jolly Roger Tattoo Parlor and Blimey Good bubbles!

Our big birthday boy!
Captain Luca!

Party Time!

Listening for the ocean in the seashell :)

Pirate Princesses!

Party Favors!

Happy birthday dear Luca, happy birthday to you! 

I loved the look on his face as we were singing to him...

Sweet boy blew out his candles and then asked to go home :-)
Luca's Party People!

After the party, we went and had lunch with Mimi, Pops, Uncle David and Jonah. Aunt Tesha was home with a sick Sophie :-(
Happy birthday sweet boy. We can't wait to see what this year holds for you!

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The Fine Family said...

this is adorable! can you come plan connor's party for me please :)