Sunday, August 11, 2013

August so far

Ella, Luca and Nana B...

Mommy and the babes!
If Luca is not in Ella's dress up clothes, he's on a leash as her dog :) Anything to get attention from his big sister!

Speaking of Ella and the dogs, I found this cute pic on pinterest and it reminded me of my prissy little Ella...
She's always got someone dressed up. If it's not Luca, it's one of the dogs! This girl begged to wear a dress every day to VBS. I have to talk her into play clothes every day!
Speaking of dogs, these two are starting to love each other :)
Luca has always been a snugly one, but lately he's been giving mama some extra lovin. He's been quite the mama's boy lately. I don't mind it one bit :)
We celebrated his actual birthday on Monday. I caught this picture of Mimi and Pops singing to him. He was all embarrassed :) So cute. 
We also took our big "free year old" boy to get his hair cut. I always think he looks so handsome when gets his hair cut, but also a little more grown up at the same time. 
We had VBS this week. We learned all about the fruit of the spirit. Ella has called me out on a few of them since then so I know she learned a lot :) For example, calling the guy speeding down our ally a jerk is not having self control. Ella said, "mom, just because you feel that way doesn't mean you can say it! That's called self-control." Noted. :) 

 Other than that, I've been doing a lot of this! Resting a sore back, swollen extremities, a swelling belly and trying to stay cool. It's hard work growing a baby! Milo is doing great. He/we are getting bigger by the day. Literally. I can feel him stronger every day. So thankful for a healthy bouncing baby boy!

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