Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Lovin

On Friday we took a day out on the town for some fun. We visited Top Pot donut and they were amazing. Luca had 3! And they are huge!
I promise I let the kids choose their donuts and did not make them coordinate with their outfits haha.
They switched outfits! Freaky Friday haha.
 Later that day we went to see Monsters University at the Majestic Bay theater on Market Street. I loved this theater! It is an old historical theater built in 1914 that has been redone right in the heart of Ballard. A few months shy of 100 years old!!! It still has the center box office and old style curtains in the theater. It's pretty cool!
 What movies came out in 1914? 
The New Wizard of Oz
Rip Van Winkle
Julius Caesar
 But nothing quite like Monsters U!
 monster mouth suckers :)
 little Luca just couldn't quite hang. He passed out cold. I loved this moment because he doesn't sit still for long anymore and I got one of those "baby moments" from him that are very rare these days. 
 On Saturday we  got to go to the Seattle Mariners game and party up in a suite! A friend from church celebrated his birthday here and invited us to go. The Mariners played the Chicago Cubs. The cubs won which is a good thing because he is a cubs fan! The weather was beautiful and we had a blast. We want to take the kids to see a game but! 
 Safeco Field

This week we are just resting up for our festivities we have planned for later this week!

Pippa is loving the bump. It's just her size. It's the perfect little pillow to rest her pretty head on. 
  Later this week we are going camping at Black Lake to celebrate the 4th of July! So we will be spending the first part of the week packing and storing up energy for tons of fun! We were so excited when the mailman came today. He had quite the delivery for us...

 Red, White and Blue bouncy balls! Who knew bouncy balls could be mailed? Nana B is a genius!
 This just made our day!
 It's sad that we won't get to watch fireworks and celebrate the 4th with family as we usually do, but of course Nana B set us up for some holiday fun from afar...

a flag wreath and supplies to make...
 FiReCrAcKeR cOoKiEs!!!!
 My mom is so cool. And fun. And festive.
She makes everything fun :)

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