Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer in the South

We are having a blast soaking in some much needed family time in Arkansas. I have enjoyed spending time with everyone and just getting to relax. The kids love riding Papa Bo's "train", watching the bunnies and riding through the big big hole :)

Swimming with the cousins and Aunt Tesha!
This little man right here is a party animal. And by party animal, I mean little old man who wants to go home every time we leave the house :) he's quite the homebody!
Eating dinner at Granny and Grandpa's for mom and dads birthday. It was the first time I've had Granny's cooking in years and it tasted like home! Cousin Morgan and Josh entertained the little ones the whole time!
The girls...
Aunt DeLynn and Luca playing get the passie :)
Sunday morning church!
My Ella and my Granny :)
We are also enjoying the little southern summer storms. Ella left for Mimi Camp so it's just Luca and I for a few days. Yesterday we sat in the back yard and watched the skies turn dark, listened to the thunder roll in and ate apples on the back porch. 
That day we went to dinner with more cousins! Kimberly and I took our little ones (minus Ella) to lunch. We wanted to go to the park but settled for the playroom instead since it was raining! It was so nice picking up where we left off...as always. It's so cool growing up together and now seeing our little ones together. The Circle of Life theme song is playing in my head right now haha. 
Luca and Kennedy...
That's all for now y'all!

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