Monday, July 8, 2013

Lady Lola

Meet our new little fur baby...Lady Lola! A precious lil goldendoodle. Yes I know, puppy #2 and baby #3 on the way...we must be crazy. We might be.  Just a little :) Ella wanted to name her Kathy Jones... The same name shes named every doll, barbie or stuffed animal since she was 2. I still don't know where she picked that up haha. We vetoed Kathy Jones so then she came up with Lola or Glitter Bubbles and she wasnt budging! So Lola it is! I thought Pretty Pretty Pippa might enjoy a furry sister-but I was wrong! She has clarified this fact for me...Pippa loves other dogs, but not if she thinks they are trying to take over her throne! So maybe in time she will become more fond of Lola. But for now she's ticked! I wonder what she will think of a new baby?!? Mike is thrilled. He's been wanting a "real dog" since we've moved to the city where everyone has big dogs. Pippa and I are pretty tight so it was only fair for everyone else to have a dog to call their own :) 
This is on the car ride home. I don't tho k she was worried one little bit :) She is 12 weeks old now...
She's such a lover!

This is her at 6 weeks :)
Since returning from our camping trip, we have just being relaxing and playing catch up. When we got home, Ella was surprised to get the mail and find a package from her bestie Cooper! Cooper send her a card, a picture and her soccer medal. She loved her medal of course but was most excited about the picture and card. Ella prays all the time for Cooper-that she will have another friend like her since she's in Seattle now. (Isn't that the sweetest?) that night she thanked God for the stars, the sun, the moon...and Cooper. I melt. I pray she finds another friend dear to her heart like Cooper too. And THEN on Sunday morning at church, in front of the entire congregation, Ella announces (in the microphone) that she knows someone famous. And her name is Cooper! Her friend Cooper is famous! 
After camp, we ladies also needed some pampering. Ella and I went for mommy/daughter mani/pedis. Ella wanted pink, glitter and sparkles. Alllll girl!
Also while down on Old Ballard, we found Luca's very own shop! A super fun shop. Wonder if they know they spelled his name wrong? :)

Apparently all of our running and gunning has worn this little man out and now he's so sick. So far its just a fever but its a high one. Yesterday he told me that he was going to have "free (3) frowups". That didn't happen, thank goodness, but we've got to get him better before our big trip to Arkansas! He's currently going on hour 3 of a nap. Falling asleep on the couch is never a good sign for this active little boy who never stops moving long enough to fall asleep. 

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