Friday, July 5, 2013

Camping and Independence Day!

 We took an overnighter camping trip at Black Lake this week with some members of our church family! It was the perfect little get away with some much needed family time. We hope to go for longer next year if we think our little 7 month old will be able to hang!

 Ella and Sadie Mommies making bracelets at the craft station!
 We went to the lake to swim. Our kids have been to the lake before, but haven't ever swam in it. We have definitely raised city kids! They played in it and got dirty, but it wasn't long before they wanted to go to the "clean water" aka...the swimming pool :)

stud. muffin.
 At first Miss Thang didn't want her hair to get dirty so we put on the trusty swim cap :) Next year my goal is to get daddy to go on the blog (see behind kids)...or go myself!
 Ella and all her pizazz :)

 making sandcastles and mudpies!

 There is something so adorable about a muddy little boy...

Playing after dinner...

tight rope! 
 A scene from Twilight! Not really, but it looks like it :)

That night we had late night smores around the bon fire...

 Pure joy on this boy's face...

His mouth looked like this the whole time. So cute.  

Then on to the rockwall! Getting geared up...

So high!

 tattoos...lots of them :)

 and then on home to celebrate the 4th of July!
We got home later that afternoon. We took naps in the car, took baths, and then headed on out to Gasworks Park for the most amazing firework show I've ever seen! It was timed to music and all. Before we left, we did a little firework "fun" at home. I think Ella is still scarred from when she stepped on a punk a couple years ago. She wasn't really a fan as you can see :)
I think they are more of the popper and sparkler type! But even the sparklers were pushing it for this girl...
Waiting on the show!

Beautiful Day...
 Happy 4th to all our friends and family from up here in the Northwest!

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