Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby it's a...

Milo Jude Reading

We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding a healthy baby BOY to the bunch! Ella is super excited that she gets to be "the big boss" :) She's a little mama in the making for sure! Luca doesn't get it yet, but being the youngest, it will be such a treat for him to have a brother close in age. I know God has made this little babe to be the perfect little one to complete our family and I am so excited to fall in love again!

We chose the name Milo Jude. Milo means merciful, peaceful and calm. The meaning of that name resonated with us for a couple reasons. One, he's been so calm on every ultrasound we've had. Both Ella and Luca were movers and shakers in utero from day 1! Now,  I know he's a boy and will be revving things up a bit once he's born and growing...boys are on the go! But the news of this little guy, the pregnancy and the whole experience so far has been so peaceful and God has had so much mercy on our hearts with this flawless and relatively easy pregnancy.  Jude means praised one and youngest...fitting as he will definitely be our youngest!

Ella remains the resident princess who will not have to worry about being "dethroned" haha. She wears the crown well! This girl  has got something crazy special going on with her Daddy and I think it's kind of cool that that will be just for them. My heart is full. Let the preparations begin!

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