Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arkansas Part 2

While Ella was at Mimi camp, Luca was promoted from rider to driver of Papa's "train" :)

I got to go eat with my brother and sister in law...without our kiddos! It was almost like old times except we were missing Mike :-(
It's so hard to be Luca...
After Mimi camp, Luca and I spent some time in Van Buren before it was time to go home. Mimi and babies making cookies...
Before we flew home we celebrated Luca Bo's 3rd birthday! He had a pirate p'arrrrty this year :D More on the pirate adventures in a later post!
We are excited to get home and be with Daddy. We are also sad to leave what still feels like home to me and probably always will...Arkansas. Ella cried the entire first flight. I do think it is two fold...part sadness and part drama :) here are my sweeties snuggling in the airport. The day was long and tough. We had to rally together to get through it!
Ella made it on our last flight before crashing but baby boy couldn't hang. I ended up carrying him through terminals trying to make flights! He was comatose. Ella had to carry all the bags because it was all I could do (and probably more than I should have done) carrying him and my belly. Ella said, don't worry mom I'm happy to help! She's been a bit of a diva lately so I'm so glad my sweet girl rose to the occasion. :) us girls have gotta stick together!
We had such a great trip with good time with friends and family so we really couldn't have asked for more. Now to enjoy the last month of summer break before our baby girl starts kindergarten!!!

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