Saturday, July 13, 2013

20 weeks

We are half way there! Wow. 20 weeks down and 20 to go give or take. The best moment this month was finding out that God has blessed us with a baby boy! I feel as though I've waited forever to have this baby and have loved it since before I knew if I would even have it. With that, I've been more than ready from day 1 to know who this little one is and knowing now that it's a healthy little boy brings happiness, thankfulness and pure joy to my heart! No belly pic this month. I'm in Arkansas and Mike isn't here to take it. So here are some baby stats instead!
Half way there!
This is what Milo is looking like now. He's about 10 ounces and I think 10 inches long. All these apps keep telling me how energetic I should feel and I just don't. They LIE!

Milo's big brother and sister waiting to find out who he was! That night as I was tucking Ella and Luca in, I asked Luca if he was ready to be the BIG brother now. He said, "no mama, I not da big buder, I da baby boy!"

Pregnancy Updates:
Still feeling really good! Sleeping is starting to get a little uncomfortable but I manage :) I've gained 5 1/2 lbs this month putting me 3 lbs above my starting weight with the weight lost at the beginning. Not too bad considering we are half way there. Food is tasting better and energy is returning although I tire very easily! I still have the occasional mood swing, but in my defense it's been really HOT here in Seattle and we don't have AC because apparently it never gets this hot for this long. I've been having A LOT of growing pains which is to be expected. Muscles and ligaments are no longer strong and tight after having 2 kids, one of them being ginormous :) 

Now we are ready to plan the nursery and sort through all the baby clothes in the garage!

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