Thursday, June 27, 2013

what's up buttercup

Not much lately! Just enjoying slow, pretty, fun days and taking it easy. There were a lot of things I loved about Texas, but the weather was not one of them. Texas really ruined summers for me but I think living in Seattle I can come to love them again. It is BEA-UTIFUL!!!! You can play outside after 9 a.m. without being miserable =)

picnic time...
 passie weaning...sad little guy :-(
Phase one: day time
and now on day 3, this is where we are at. Passie weaning is hard little guy. But I really think it's harder for mama. I just want to give it to him so bad and just make the screaming stop! Must stay strong :)
 Funny story about this little wild man. I was cleaning house. Ella loves to clean house with me too. I didn't think much about it or bother to look up from the bathtub I was cleaning when Luca baby said, "mama I cweaning wif you!" I said, "yay good job bubby!" I finished cleaning the bathtub and came in to find a toddler boy's version of cleaning: "dusting" out the dog's water bowl with a feather duster and then mopping the kitchen floor with it :-) I have a sneaking suspicion that he knew better, but still, how do you spank that? He was so proud! See the fist? He said, "yessss" as if he nailed it! Oh, adventures with Luca :)
As Luca get's older, I continue to learn all about having a little boy and how different they are from little girls! I love it. I feel so blessed to do both. It makes me super excited about finding out what little baby reading is. Boys and girls are so different but oh so sweet! For example...

Luca keeps my on my toes because he really can't be trusted. Ella could give attitude sometimes but overall she was pretty compliant and I never dealt with the mischief. Luca? I have to follow the kid around all day long to keep him alive. He gets into everything and will do/try everything!

Luca's thinking: I can do what I want if I'm under the blanket because she can't see me! (nevermind the little feet hanging out) hehe :)
 Mommy's thinking: Oh gosh, Luca is hiding under the blanket. What does he have now?
Busted! The peach I just told him that he couldn't have. Shocker.
 We are still working on the house bit by bit. Project by project! I'm trying to get it all painted before the belly takes over. We are showing off our house room by room as we get it done :) Last weekend we finished the bedroom and I LOVE how the color turned out...

Still not sure what to do over this chest. I really want a TV in our bedroom. It's an ongoing debate between Mike and I...stay tuned ;)

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