Saturday, June 1, 2013

This n That

My little Luca Baby thinks he has gotten himself dressed and is SO proud! I was trying to put pants on him and turn his shirt around and he was so frustrated because he was "already dressed"!
 I was trying to get him dressed so we could go play at the park! My Mom's group is out for the year, but we meet at different parks every Wednesday. 

 Three babies in the lap!
 These two...
 bffs...melts my heart!
 Gasworks park...a pretty cool place!
Friday Family Funday lunch outing at Benihaha! 
 This girl loves her some sushi! 
 Bubble gun fun! Summer time is coming!
 Luca killing a bug with his bubble gun. See our beautiful rainbow steps? Those are compliments of Ella, our resident chalk artist :)

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