Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Big Wheel

The Reading Family are still living as tourists in Seattle :) We have lots to do and see! Saturday we went downtown to Seattle's Big Wheel. It's out on a pier on the water, Puget Sound. 
Waiting in line!
 Going up up up and around!
photo bombed by ella :) 
 View from the top...

Puget Sound

wonderful views of the water, mountains and city...

I spy a cruise ship and I want on!!!
This pretty much sums up their personalities!

After our ride on the ferris wheel, we had lunch and walked around Pike's Place Market...home of the flying fish!

The kids were terrified of this scary guy hanging down. The workers moved it from the back with a rope that was tied to it's tail under the ice. It's mouth was hanging wide open and you could see all his teeth. The kids were not amused. Not one single bit. 
This one was downright terrified...
we browsed all the little shops and found this guy.
Luca got close enough to give him a high five so he could get candy...

It was a beautiful family funday!

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