Sunday, June 9, 2013

Party of FIVE!

Could it be?
On the first try?
Better test again to be sure...
 Yep! It's happening! We are having a baby!
 We've waited so long for this baby. Not knowing if we had what it took to try again but wanting another child so bad. I've prayed for this child for so long! Should we? But what if? I'm scared of... Help me! It's been two years but through that time, God prepared our hearts for this and He has led every single step. This first trimester has been a little scary at times as I have let fear creep in. But God has been faithful. Minus a few naps and a few sick days, I have had a flawless first trimester. With the past three pregnancies I have been very sick. I have pretty much had a symptomless first trimester which I think is God's grace since I was the sickest last time. I honestly didn't know if I could do it again if I was going to be that sick again. But minus a few cravings, I have felt pretty great! Another blessing is that I got pregnant right away. There was a good chance that the extensive nature of the procedure I had to have due to the molar pregnancy would make it more difficult for me to get pregnant. And it wasn't. God didn't give it any time to let my mind go there. Our hearts are jumping for joy! Ella is super duper excited. She wants a girl of course and to name her Pretty Girl Reading. Do you like it? :) It's not as quite fancy as my baby cousin (who's not a baby anymore) that wanted to name his new baby sister Jesus Christ. But Pretty Girl Reading is still quite a name!

First trimester cravings...

 actually, zesty vlasic kosher dill spears..

and other foods including (but not limited to): bean dip, fruit roll ups, gatorade, nachos, laffy basically gas station food. awesome.

First Trimester Recap:
Weight: Lost 5 lbs then gained 3 so -2lbs
Symptoms: sleepy and weird rashes
Mood: MOODY!
Favorite moment: Watching baby grow through 3 ultrasounds from 7 to 12 weeks and feeling flutters!

More than one person has commented (me included) that they see Ella's profile!

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