Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Feats

Next year, this little man that is used to running wild and free every day, will begin his first year of preschool at Little Feats!
 We toured the school so we could get a picture of what it will be like and we got very excited! The teachers are so sweet and the school is amazing. I was super impressed with the resources and structure of the school. Little Feats is a preschool in the Philadelphia Church. They also have a gym with outdoor toys for those rainy Seattle days when they can't go outside to play :)
 Dramatic Play room...
 Centers room...
 Art room!
I know he's ready and needs to go, but he's still such a baby to me! It's hard for me to think of him being in someone else's care. It's always been me or Nit! It's REALLY hard for me to imagine him sitting in a chair or participating in structured activities or adhering to any sort of schedule haha. What can I say, he's a bit of a free spirit! 

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