Saturday, June 1, 2013

Haircut Adventures

On my first outing by myself with the kids, I took them to go get haircuts! Simple outings are more like adventures for us since I'm having a hard time finding my bearings around here. It may have taken me me 35 minutes to get there even though it's just about 10 minutes away. I may have driven up and down the street 10 times looking for a little building called Lil Klippers not knowing it was in a big building called Wallingford Center. I may have parked where I wasn't supposed to and prayed before I got out of the car that the ticket man wouldn't find me before we got back because I didn't know where to park. I may have walked North, East, South and West trying to get right to the little red dot indicating my final destination on my google maps. All the while, my perceptive little Ella that can easily tell her Mommy clearly has no idea where she is at, is in the back seat with a nervous shaky voice saying, "uh, Mommy maybe we should wait for Dad. Do you know where we are going? Are we lost? Do you know where our house is? Can you call Dad?" But HEY! Look we made it :)...
Ella was so excited because this was her first big girl hair cut where she got her hair washed...
The after pics!
All that traveling for a simple little haircut warranted a cupcake some cupcakes. Luckily, Trophy Cupcakes is right next door!
And I'm happy to say we made it home in less than 35 minutes sans the parking ticket!

We have found our groomer here for Pippa too. Yoshi! Luckily Yoshi lives right down the road ;)

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