Saturday, June 1, 2013


Lately I have felt how I look in this picture...nutty! 
Discombobulated is the actual word that comes to mind. 
I guess I thought it would be easy to pick up, quit my job, leave my friends and everything familiar about my life, move across the country and become a stay at home mom with a new role in a new place....during my first trimester of pregnancy :) HA! 
Easy? No. 
Fun? Yes. 
Scary, overwhelming, confusing and HARD? Oh yes.  Most definitely.
I underestimated the impact of the change. Yes, it is exciting, adventurous and such a blessing being right where God wants you. But no one said that makes it easier to change everything about your life, leave friends, move farther away from family and start over. And these HORMONES! My goodness, pregnancy hormones are very unforgiving. They can rule my world. It's been tough but we are settling in more and more on day at a time. 

I also have to say I'm very sorry for judging any of my stay at home mom friends for hiring a house cleaner! Staying at home doesn't mean you have any more minutes in your day and actually you have more to do with less time! It's not like you leave the house in the morning and it is the same way when you return home that afternoon! Nope! My house is a zoo! I'm constantly having to chase my little destructo to keep him from tearing the walls down (see pic below), feed constantly hungry mouths, referee sibling show downs, potty train during the day and not just in the evening and make sure to spend some QT with those little cuties. The toilets and floors will have to wait until they go to college...or until I get a house cleaner :) This is not a job for wimps. Actually, it's my dream job. I have to say, I underestimated the work load, but this job my heart and I feel so blessed. I've been waiting since October 9, 2007 (Ella's birthday) to be able to do this. I thought I'd be better at it from the start! But I'm learning I need to give myself time to adjust and not expect to rock it every day. At least I go to bed at night, even on the hard days, thankful that I get to be the one to do it. 
We've been moved in for a while, but we are going through room by room and rearranging/painting and making this house our home. So far we are done with the dining room...
 and living room! I just had to warm up those white walls!

Mike has been good about pulling me out and going along side me during the days. We are figuring this out together! We got to go out on a date and it was so nice. We splurged on the Metropolitan downtown. We drove but learned that we need to figure out the public transportation system around here! 20 minutes to get 4 blocks was a killer for this hungry mama!
We got to talk about dreams, plans and the NEW BABY! 
I made a happy plate! I asked the waiter after I finished the entire steak how many ounces it was and immediately regretted asking once I received the answer. I knew it was big but didn't pay attention to the size. Well, it was 16 ounces. Oops! I had nothing to lose a that point so I ordered the creme brulee

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